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We are an Online Counselling, Therapy, Coaching and Emotional Health Training Platform designed and created by highly experienced and qualified Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Coaches, Counsellors and veteran Business and Technology Leaders.

Our Story

Emotional and mental health problems have emerged as the number 1 disease in the world. As a fall out of the COVID pandemic, we estimate that 50% of the global population could be suffering from an emotional health problem. Even after the threat of COVID passes, the emotional scars will continue for a long time unless treated on a war footing.
Acutely concerned by the extent and the growth of the Emotional Health pandemic, we came together in the middle of the lockdown and launched Emotionally via WFH from 6 locations in India and USA.

Our vision is to provide highest quality care in all areas of emotional health at an affordable price and universal access.

We are the only firm that provides counselling, therapy, coaching, assessments and emotional health training to Corporates, Individuals, Schools, Colleges and other organisations.
Though we have started recently, we have served over 2000 people in India and abroad. Our highly experienced team has helped over 300,000 people to manage their emotional health during their career.

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Privacy and Confidentiality Statement

We are a team of highly experienced Psychotherapists, Coaches, Counsellors, Business Leaders and Technologists. Appalled by the fact that over 1 Billion people suffer from Emotional Health issues, we have come together to render Emotional Health Support of the highest quality, provided by the best experts in absolute privacy and confidentiality.

We are your Emotion – Ally, your non-judgemental and empathic friend who will help you lead an emotionally healthy and happy life!

Some Of Our Esteemed Clients
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Mahindra Lifespaces
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Dr. Belani's Blue Shield Medical Clinic
Mullenlowe Lintas Group
Prime focus ltd.
Redington, Seamless Partnerships (India)
TBWA India
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Bank of America
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* For ethical reasons we do not share counselling and therapy feedback even if they are excellent.

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Our Founders

Dr. Roma Kumar

Senior Consultant Psychologist

30+ years Experience

Founding Partner, Emotionally

Lina Bilkha

Leadership and Life Coach

35+ years experience

Founding Partner, Emotionally

Anita P Belani

Leadership and Life Coach

30+ years experience

Founding Partner, Emotionally

Amit Bose

Former CEO, Senior Business Leader

42 Years Experience

Founding Partner, Emotionally