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Anxiety, Fear, Loneliness, Uncertainty, WFH, Burnout is causing emotional health issues for over 60% of corporate employees today. To address this crisis, we have created a comprehensive and affordable Emotional Health program for Corporates.

Mental Health Issues Are Likely To Keep On Rising

75 percent of employees in the United States' and close to a third in the Asia—Pacific region report symptoms of burnout. European nations are reporting increasing levels of pandemic fatigue in their populations? The number of those who rate their mental health as "very poor" is more than three times higher than before the crisis, and mental-health issues are still likely to rise.

Mckinsey, Global Institute
Special Programs For COVID Sufferers

For those who have experienced COVID as a patient, a care-giver, a relative or friend of a COVID patient or have experienced a death, we offer

  • Specialized counselling and Therapy
  • Group Counselling sessions
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Amit Bose co-founder

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Corporate EAP
  • The most comprehensive Emotional Health
  • EAP - covers all aspects of Emotional Health
  • Therapy, Counselling, Coaching and Training
  • Most affordable Plans
  • Unique DIY customisable Plan to suit every organisation and every budget


Emotional Health First Aid
  • Learn
    1. Types of Emotional Health Problems
    2. How to read the signs
    3. How to offer Emotional First Aid
    4. How to track and monitor
  • For HR Teams and Line Managers
  • 4 Sessions of 90 minutes each
  • Maximum participants: 25
Emotional Health First Aid
Managing Loneliness

WFH and Social Isolation results in a persistent feeling of loneliness that leads to sadness, anxiety And even depression.

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Managing Anxiety and Stress

The Covid pandemic, WFH, Social Isolation, pay cuts, job losses, lack of holidays and long hours of online work has caused stress.

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Managing Depression

Prolonged Stress and Anxiety, fear about COVID, losing a loved one can lead to depression and a life without hope...

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Emotional Resilience

To cope and thrive in these difficult times we have to develop emotional toughness and resilience in order to bounce back...

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Thriving In The New Reality

The future has changed irrevocably. The new reality is challenging, scary and yet full of opportunities, optimism and hope. We have to go beyond...

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Managing Grief

Many of us have lost a family member, a friend or a colleague in the recent past. We all grieve for them and feel sad. Chronic sadness leads to anxiety...

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The Importance Of Emotional Health

To be 100% fit and healthy we have to be both Emotionally and Physically fit. We focus a lot on our physical health but very few look after...

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How To Be Emotionally Fit

To be 100% fit and healthy we have to be both Emotionally and Physically fit. We focus a lot on our physical health but very few look after...

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Executive and Leadership Coaching for The New Normal

In these hugely challenging and uncertain times, Leaders and Senior executives are facing complex and stressful issues every day. This is highly taxing and exhausting leading to leadership burnout.

One on One Coaching via Live Video.

Our team of experienced Coaches help you acquire new skills and emotional resilience that enables leaders to lead their organisations and teams successfully in the new normal.


Amit Bose co-founder


Anita Belani co-founder

The Emotionally Intelligent Organisation

* We also conduct bespoke seminars