Dr. Yajyoti Singh
Personal Info

  • Name:

    Dr. Yajyoti Singh

  • Speciality:

    Developmental and Educational Psychologist, Trainer

  • Experience:

    29 Years

  • Role:

    Psychologist, Therapist, Evaluation Expert

  • Location:

    Pune, India


Dr. Yajyoti Singh is a Psychologist with a special focus on developmental and educational psychology. She has worked extensively in the areas of child psychological, behavioural and educational issues, family therapy, parenting support and the training of teachers.

Yajyoti heads a team of therapists who also conduct psychometric tests and evaluations through her counselling center, Chetana. She has also headed the three Bishop Schools’ counselling departments since 2000. Her other areas of interest and expertise include working with child victims of sexual abuse, remand home inhabitants and those with hearning impairments. She has conducted over 700 training sessions for child development, parenting and female empowerment.

In her other roles, Yajyoti has been a psychologist to Ruby Hall Clinic, and Sahyadri Hospital, Pune. She has lectured at SNDT University, Pune and Nirmala Niketan (Mumbai University).


  • Psychological Counselling and Therapy
  • Parenting and Educator Support
  • Psychometric Testing
  • Therapy for Families, Children and Teenagers


  • M.Sc. Developmental Psychology (Mumbai University)
  • B.Ed. Special Education (Pune University)
  • REBT Advanced and Primary Training from Albert Ellis (affiliated New York)
  • Ph.D. Social Sciences (Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth)


  • RCI: Rehabilitation Council of India
  • IACP: Indian Association of Clinical Psychologists
  • IACAM: Indian Association of Child and Adolescent Mental Health
  • APA: American Psychologists’ Association


  • English, Hindi and Marathi